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We are currently seeking

Technical Project Manager

The one with the plan. The person who’s keeping an eye on all the moving pieces within a project; making sure they come together just so; keeping us on time, on budget and happy!

Roles at Code + Mortar

We're always on the hunt for talented people. While we may not be actively seeking the following roles, we're always open to chat!

Junior Developer

They’ve already got impressive experience in server-side languages and basic frameworks. But what we really love them for is their curiosity and ability to absorb information.

Senior Developer

These are the folks with the serious technical chops. They’re true builders, creating powerful infrastructure from lines of code. They bring strength, efficiency and performance to each project.

Junior Front-End Developer

Our Junior Front-Ends are already adept at creating working user interfaces. They’ve got an eye for good design and believe passionately in the importance of a good user experience.

Senior Front-End Developer

CSS magicians who add beauty and opportunities for interaction to each website. They advocate for the user throughout, ensuring each design decision makes things simpler and more intuitive.

Junior Designer

They may be Junior, but they’ve already got that talent that can’t be taught. Our Junior designers have an eye for what is visually striking and easy to understand.

Senior Designer

Visual storyteller, creator of beauty in the digital world. Knows how to say “brave” with typography and choose colours that say “we’re on a mission”.

Account Manager

Advocates for the client. Makes sure we always remember who we’re building for and that our work is a partnership.

UX Designer

Our UX Designers are responsible for the overall experience of the website we build. They map out the user’s journey through site, giving them what they’re looking for before they have to ask.


We need someone to bring us the clients that we most love working with. Our sales team is curious, tenacious and focused. They get the right people in a room together and make it happen.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developers are masters of doing more with less, finding ways to build powerful applications that operate within the limits of your mobile phone screen.

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