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Skills Provided:
  • Development
  • Digital Illustration
  • Front-End Development
  • Logo Design
  • Responsive UI Design
  • User Research



As a startup in the edtech industry, Squiggle Park needed a website that solidified the emerging identity of their company and product.

Image of child using the Squiggle Park application
Child using Squiggle Park.

The Challenge

Their challenge for us was to showcase Squiggle Park in way that appealed to children as something exciting and fun, and to parents as a dependable, proven educational resource. This balance between exciting and dependable is not always easy to strike.

Image of the logo progression for Squiggle Park.
Evolution of logotype / color palette.
Image of a man using the Squiggle Park website.

"This project required tapping into my inner child. Luckily I didn't have to tap too far with a 3 year old at home."

Stephen Piercey, Lead Designer
Image of Squiggle Park monster illustrations
Monster illustrations.

Our Approach

We put our lead designer to task of creating a set of illustrated characters to guide users through the site. These characters greet visitors on the homepage and pop up at different intervals on the rest of the pages. These illustrations had the effect of creating a two-fold promise. Their bright colours, funny expressions and the strange world they inhabit promise excitement to children. On the other hand, the friendliness and consistency of the characters as they appear throughout the site communicates what parents need to hear, namely that Squiggle Park is offering a support system and reliable mentor to guide children through the challenging, crucial process of learning to read.

Image of one of the Squiggle Park monster illustrations
Image of Squiggle Park monster emotional state illustrations
Emotional states.
Image of the Squiggle Park world map
World map illustration.
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